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clean Command

nbautoexport clean --help
Usage: nbautoexport clean [OPTIONS] DIRECTORY

  (EXPERIMENTAL) Remove subfolders/files not matching .nbautoexport
  configuration and existing notebooks.

  Known limitations: - Not able to correctly handle additional intended files,
  such as image assets or   non-notebook-related files.

  DIRECTORY  Directory to clean. Must have a .nbautoexport config file.

  -e, --exclude TEXT  Glob-style patterns that designate files to exclude from
                      deletion. Combined with any patterns specified in
                      .nbautoexport config file.
  -y, --yes           Assume 'yes' answer to confirmation prompt to delete
  --dry-run           Show files that would be removed, without actually
  -v, --verbose       Use multiple times to set verbosity/log level. [-v =
                      INFO, -vv = DEBUG]
  --help              Show this message and exit.
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