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configure Command

nbautoexport configure --help
Usage: nbautoexport configure [OPTIONS] DIRECTORY

  Create a .nbautoexport configuration file in a directory. If nbautoexport
  has been installed with the 'install' command, then Jupyter will
  automatically export any notebooks on save that are in the same directory as
  the .nbautoexport file.

  An .nbautoexport configuration file only applies to that directory,
  nonrecursively. You must independently configure other directories
  containing notebooks.

  DIRECTORY  Path to directory of notebook files to configure with
             nbautoexport.  [required]

  -f, --export-format [asciidoc|html|latex|markdown|notebook|pdf|rst|script|slides]
                                  File format(s) to save for each notebook.
                                  Multiple formats should be provided using
                                  multiple flags, e.g., '-f script -f html -f
                                  markdown'.  [default: ExportFormat.script]
  -b, --organize-by [notebook|extension]
                                  Whether to save exported file(s) in a
                                  subfolder per notebook or per export format.
                                  [default: OrganizeBy.extension]
  -e, --clean-exclude TEXT        Glob-style patterns that designate files to
                                  exclude from deletion when running clean
  -o, --overwrite                 Overwrite existing configuration, if one is
  -v, --verbose                   Use multiple times to set verbosity/log
                                  level. [-v = INFO, -vv = DEBUG]
  --help                          Show this message and exit.