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install Command

nbautoexport install --help
Usage: nbautoexport install [OPTIONS]

  Register nbautoexport post-save hook with Jupyter. Note that if you already
  have a Jupyter server running, you will need to restart in order for it to
  take effect. This is a one-time installation.

  This works by adding an initialization block in your Jupyter config file
  that will register nbautoexport's post-save function. If an nbautoexport
  initialization block already exists and is from an older version of
  nbautoexport, this command will replace it with an updated version.

  --jupyter-config FILE  Path to config file. If not specified (default), will
                         determine appropriate path used by Jupyter. You
                         should only specify this option if you use a
                         nonstandard config file path that you explicitly pass
                         to Jupyter with the --config option at startup.
  -v, --verbose          Use multiple times to set verbosity/log level. [-v =
                         INFO, -vv = DEBUG]
  --help                 Show this message and exit.